"Ethnoclips" is a series of 17 unique musical short film productions shot in 35mm showing several music traditions around the world.


1992a     Khoomii, diphonic singing techniques, Altai Mountains, Mongolia (9'40)

1992b    Vespa, ancestor of the Carnival of Nice, Provence (6'07).

1990       Bagad d'Auray, Brittany (Bagpipes, bombardes, percussions) (7'30)

1990b    Vielle du Berry, hurdy-gurdy, melodies performed by Gilles Chabenat (5'33)

1990c     Drums (Calanda), holy week in Aragon (6'50).

1990d     Steel Band, the Renegades of Trinidad and Tobago (8'27).

1990e     Guimbardes, music of the camel drivers of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia (6'35).

1989        Maloya, music and dance of Reunion Island (6'41)

1989b     The guest at the wedding, Ladakh (6'51)

1989c      Transe and possession Country Mahafaly, Madagascar (6'19)

1989d     The call to the rain, ritual of the island of Taquile, Peru (6'32)

1989e     Khena Khena, Tambocusi, prov. of La Paz, Bolivia (5'07).

1988        Ringers: Bells in Valencian Country, Spain (4'48)

1988b     Kora: Mandingo Kora player, Senegal (6'20)

1988c      Balafon, Baltic Country, Gambia (5'48)

1988d     Odissi abinaya, dance of India (4'48)

1988e     Odissi dance, Orissa, India (6'29)

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